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Osseous Pathologies (Cyst / Benign Tumor / Fibrosseous Lesions / Inflammatory / Malignant Lesion / Fracture)

An exostosis is a congenital osseous growth specified as a bony excrescence on the external surface of a bone. Intraorally, the exostosis primarily occurs in the posterior regions of either the mandible or the maxilla.

Endodontic Evaluation

An endodontic evaluation will inspect the pulp and tooth roots where the tooth nerve is located. If some damage is done to the tooth, it must be checked to know whether or not endodontic treatment, such as non-vital pulp therapy, or a root canal is required.

Bone Measurement (Quality / Quantity)

In the field of dentistry, a reliable method for measuring the bone strength and mineral density of bone is of prime importance. It significantly helps in the early diagnosis of the problems that affect the mineral density of bones such as osteoporosis.

Impacted Tooth (Proximity to Mandibular Canal)

In dental or orthodontic terms, “impacted” means that a tooth either has not erupted when it was expected. There can be a reason for not enough room for the tooth or maybe it was erupting in the wrong position or direction or maybe it cannot erupt.

Sinus Pathologies

Sinus pathology is defined as abnormal sinus X-rays, either on tomography or standard. Fifty-four per cent of the X-rays are classified as unusual based on mucosal thickening and lack of translucency of the cavities of polyps.

TMJ Evaluation

The Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) evaluation examines the proper functioning of the fibrous disc that works as a shock absorber and stabilizer between the condyle and the fossa. When the jaw opens, the condyle rotates and moves forward with the disc.
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“X-Vision”-OPG/CBCT Centre is a super-specialty center for diagnostic imaging of the teeth, jaws and face including the Temporomandibular joints (TMJ), Ear-Nose and Paranasal sinuses.




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